What should you know about your roof?

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If you are a new homeowner, your investment needs to be protected and you can do this by knowing about your roof and how to keep it in excellent condition. Below are tips to prevent and repair any damage.

What’s covering your roof?

Whether you are planning on building your dream home or you purchased a property recently, the fact still remains that your roof protects your home’s structural elements thereby serving an essential purpose by keeping away ice, snow and water. Depending on the slope and size of your home, a wide variety of materials are used by roofers in the residential industry. Some include cedar shakes, cement tiles or asphalt shingles and each material vary in cost and the lifespan, plus some particular product offer a host of benefits over others. Do you have a restricted roof budget? Going for a certain kind of look? Want the longest durability? These are some questions you may want to think about carefully as roof types vary from type to type.

It is important you choose the right material, especially if you are considering your options for your new home or re-roofing your current home. The best option is asphalt shingles that is if you are looking for a cost-effective product that is also durable. When the Asphalt shingles are approaching the end of their life, they get brittle and begin peeling and cracking. It is one of the most commonly used materials in protecting your home’s structural elements. Cement tiles are designed to last a lifetime, they have a longer lifespan but installing them is more costly but could be cost-effective over a longer period of time.

Preventive maintenance

Aside from the foundation of the building, your roof is among the most quality investment of home maintenance. You could reduce the need for large repairs by resolving damages while they are still minor. If you live in the Vancouver BC area, contact  604 Roofing Ltd. a professional roofing company to inspect your property for hidden leaks, if you have spotted stained drywall from the interior or noticed missing roofing materials, call a roofing contractor immediately and get professional advice.

Repairing damages

Problems where roof and wall lines intersect may arise, over the course of the aging process; your home may shift and settle. Water and snow are prevented from running down a chimney, plumbing pipe or wall as your roof relies on flashing. Your home’s flashing may be made from aluminium, copper, steel or lead depending on the design and size of your particular roof. Replacing and resealing your home’s flashing can be the solution, if you have noticed discoloured drywall around a skylight or other areas.

Having an idea as to how to identify damages and what is on it could mean that you can maintain your property in near perfect condition.

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