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What Are The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing?


If you want to change your home’s roof and want to find a good alternative to the roof shingles, then opting for metal roofing can be a very good idea. There are many companies that offer metal roofing in Vancouver BC, but before you choose to work with a roofing company, it’s a good idea to learn the pros and cons of metal roofing.


A Longer Roof Life

Metal roofing will last as long as your home since it’s very durable and it also resists to the elements. Aside from that, this type of roofing is also designed to survive high winds as well, not to mention that it won’t be affected by rotting or insects. Tests have shown that these roofs can last up to 60 years or more and most manufacturers even offer up to 50 years of warranty.


If you compare it with regular tile roofing, metal roofing is a lot less heavy. It can be up to 150 pounds per square whereas the former can have up to 750 pounds per square. On top of that, with the metal roofs, some of the necessary roof support may not be necessary, which is a major plus.

Fast Installation

Metal roofing in Vancouver BC is generally easy to install (if you know what you are doing of course) and you can get the operation done a lot faster than say a Cedar shake roof. This means you can cut the installation time, not to mention that you also get to save on the engineering and supporting structure costs.

Heat Conduction

You have the ability to reduce the heat during the day, which is great if you want to refrain from using air conditioning. This feature will also help you improve heating during the winter as well.

Fire Resistance

Unlike other types of roofing, metal-based roofs are very resistant to fire and they do have a Class C rating. This makes them very good against fire and the results are extraordinary because of that.

Maximum Snow and Rain Shedding

One thing to note here is that metal roofing will make it very easy for snow and rain to shed. This basically means you won’t have to deal with massive snow accumulations or gutter problems, something that can be a major problem with other roof types.


There are not many downsides with metal roofing (except maybe the initial upfront cost to install), in fact there are only 2 noteworthy ones. It’s noisier when compared to other types of roofing and at the same time it can suffer dents a lot faster (not a problem in Vancouver BC). That makes it a little less resistant when compared to shingles for example, but it does have plenty of benefits as well.


In the end, getting a good metal roof can help you improve the appeal and safety of your home. This type of roofing offers some extraordinary benefits and you should definitely consider giving it a try right away. The roofing materials are solid and overall the quality is very good. Don’t hesitate and try out this great type of roof, you will be amazed with the results! It’s also paintable and comes in a variety of colors.