Tile Roof Installation: How it’s done

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If you wanted to tile the roof of your home, you may be wondering about how tile roof installation is done. Roof tiles in the Vancouver BC area is generally made out of concrete. They vary in profile and colour. There is also a clay tile variety but they are generally more ubiquitous in the more drier and south of the border counterparts.  

Calculating Tiles Required

It is important to estimate and take measurements of the roof area. The measurements can then be added up so that you’re left with a square metre or square footage of the area. You can also measure by using an aerial software. If you would like a quote, contact us for an estimate on your roof. This software will allow for an automatic calculation of your roof. It will ensure that the you won’t have to climb up to and hand measure all the angles. This will save you from potential danger of falling from your roof. It is usually best to leave it to the professionals to handle this. 

Roofing Purlins / Strapping

To provide support and stability of the roof tiles, strapping or purlins consisting of spruce, pine and fir mixture (SPF) is used. The roof strapping is nailed into the roofing joists to provide support for the roof materials. The strapping is generally cut to length. It is nailed at the appropriate joints. This ensures that there are no sagging or uneven spacing. This is critical to the tiles being installed properly. This provides the beginning of the framework for the tile roof installation. 

Roofing Felt

When the old roof has been stripped from all areas, the rafters or roof trusses will be exposed. The rafters should be clear of nails. If and when repairs are needed this should also be undertaken at this time. Rafters need repairs if rot from mold or damage from critters is present. Following this, roofing felt can begin to be installed. It is important to start at one edge of the roof. After this the roofing membrane would need to be rolled out. Once completed, concrete tiles (or clay) may be installed once a careful evaluation has been thoroughly planned out. 

Spacing Roof Tiles

It is important to be aware that the tiling should start at the bottom of the roof from where the scaffold is at gutter height. When you actually lay the tiles it’s important to spend time planning tile spacing gauge first to see if the tiles fit correctly and neatly with the rest before actually undertaking the install. Unfortunately, a lot of builders and roofers get the overall layout of the new roof wrong from the beginning of the process, this can result in improper installation and create a whole host of unwanted issues. An experienced roofing team is essential when it comes to this type of specialty roof installation such as tile roofing installation. 

Concrete tile roofing is expensive compared to other roofing materials. The pros and cons should be heavily weighed before looking at this archaic and expensive roof option. This comes down to preference. Your current roof may not be able to handle the weight of the tile roof. Looking for advice? If you already have a concrete or clay tile roof, then going back to this same material is usually not a problem.