How to Maintain and Care for a Flat Roof

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A flat roof generally requires more maintenance than a pitched roof. When installed by a proper Vancouver roofing contractor, you will have a solid foundation with which to proceed with maintenance. It is important that you consult with a professional roofing company in your area to go over what method works best for keeping your flat roof in good shape.

However, there are some basic maintenance methods that work year-round for residential and commercial flat roofing. A little care and your flat asphalt roof or other material that was used will maintain its integrity and strength for a longer period of time. Be sure to wear soft shoes and minimize the amount of foot traffic on the roof for starters. 

Regular Inspections

The goal is to catch any issues early on before they become a big issue. This means that after a big storm  you should consider getting on your roof and inspect it for any cracks, separations, or excessive pooling of water (called ponding). These are the early indicators of potential damage to your roof and should be repaired quickly as opposed to just leaving it to worsen over time.

Blistering, Ponding, & Splitting

These are the three most common point of damage to a flat roof. Blistering occurs when small air pockets under the surface expand because of heat and bubbles up to the surface. Ponding happens when the surface of the roof depresses in an area and causes water to pond or pool. Splitting is when the materials that make up the roof start to pull apart due to freezing, heating, or other sources.

You will need to keep an eye for the early signs because if left unchecked water can penetrate into the roof and get inside your home or building. Once there, it will cause damage to the structure and cause mold to form which may create all types of health problems. Get this fixed properly right away.

Clear Drains & Scuppers Clear

By keeping these clear you prevent water from being trapped on the roof, allowing water to flow off the roof appropriately. Good drainage is the key to a healthy flat roof (or slightly pitched). Be sure that you keep the drains and scuppers free of any debris that may impede water flow. This applies to all roofing methods and as well as flat roofing structures.

Sweep Away the Leaves & Watch for Tree Branches

Every fall season, you will need to clear the roof of any leaves that have gathered along with any debris that might have been built up. This is also the time to look for any tree branches that might be scraping the roof and removing them before they become an issue.

Professional Assistance

If you see damage to your flat roof, or want a second or third opinion and you are located in the Vancouver BC area, contact 604 Roofing Ltd., a professional Vancouver roofing contractor who will help you with your roof. We can fix serious issues such as cracking, blistering, and ponding that compromise the integrity of the roof. Even if you don’t have a flat or torch-on roofing, we can help. 

604 Roofing Ltd. is a Vancouver roofing company who is here to provide you with expert advice and services designed to help keep your flat roof in great shape for as long as possible.

or Call 1-844-604-ROOF (7663) Toll Free.

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