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How a Flat Roofing System Works?


There are several different types of roofs found on homes, commercial buildings, and facilities. One of the most common is flat roofing which has been quite popular over the past century thanks to improving materials and techniques.

While flat roofs are mostly noted for structures in arid or desert areas, they have become quite popular around the world. They are simple, elegant roofs that actually offer a number of advantage such as how they create extra space for your home that can be useful in certain circumstances. The construction of flat roofs has also changed over the years taking advantage of new technology and materials. 

For example, flat roofs can now drain the snow, sleet, and rain from the top better than ever. They also use stronger materials to keep the moisture from penetrating the surface.

The Four Types of Flat Roofing

Although flat roofs may look similar to the untrained eye, there are actually four different types that can be placed on your home.

Built Up Roof or BUR: This is the more traditional type that is crafted or “built up” from at least three piles of waterproof material. The hot tar and gravel roof is perhaps the most familiar and was once made from tar paper. Today, such roofs use fiberglass membranes that are stronger and provide better waterproofing.  Attractive and fireproof, the combination of gravel and tar make it very heavy and cumbersome to build.

EPDM or Rubber Membrane: Using a true rubber, this is a very durable material that has UV protection to hold up against sunlight. The material itself is lightweight, resistant to scuffing, and is easy to patch in case of leaks. However, it is also more expensive and vulnerable to being punctured.

Modified Bitumen: This is a single-ply roof that uses the torch-on roofing technique that heats up the adhesives as it is applied. However, newer systems use peel and stick methods that are easier to install. The torch-on roofing system in particular is a popular choice because it’s modestly priced and reflects heat to reduce energy bills.

TPO: This is flat roofing that can be attached mechanically to the top of the structure. It’s membrane rolls are heat welded to stay together which makes it up to four times stronger than EPDM roofing materials. It’s been around for decades and is very durable. However, it is also quite expensive and is slippery when wet.

How to Choose the Right Flat Roofing System?

In order to use the best one for your structure, you will need to consult the professionals at 604 Roofing Ltd. A reputable Vancouver roofing company who will provide you with the right options for your home or business. They offer the best advice and high quality professional service that includes torch-on roofing that has become very popular in the Vancouver area.

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