Different Weights of Roofing Materials

roofing weights

When it comes to roofing material, it is important to remember the different kinds that exist and how the weight can affect your projects. Any expert roofer will know this but it does not help to brush up on the fundamentals and remember the basics or roofing materials. Each has their own lifetime expectancy and build time and it is important to take note of them all.

Roofing Vancouver is home to many different professionals and companies that have many years’ experience and a lot of information for the industry. They are sure to let you know the kinds of metal roofing to use, the weight of the sheet, and even compare them to roof shingles and how they compare in terms of their quality and expectancy. For instance, metal roofing happens to be a very strong material that many roofing Vancouver employees will use especially due to its lightweight nature. When compared to other roofing materials like cedar, tile, and EDPM, it is immensely desirable and is high in quality. Metal roofing normally equates to weight around a pound per square foot. This is essential to know because it allows you to guide your build and design around how stable the complex needs to be. This is just one example of how metal roofing can be used in real world design, but the same concept applies to other types of material as well.

Roof shingles are another type of roofing material that can be used to build amazing structures, when factoring in its weight and quality. Roof shingles can weigh between 60 to 80 pounds per bundle and can span across large areas more easily than other types of material. One thing to take into account is its life expectancy, which can range between 15 to 18 years for asphalt shingles and 24 to 30 years for architectural asphalt shingles. When compared to that of metal that lasts 30 to 45 years, concrete tile, that lasts 35 to 50 years, and EDPM, that lasts 10 to 16 years, it can definitely be hit or miss.

At the end of the day, all sorts of materials can be used to build the best roof possible but it is important to know the type of material you are dealing with. No matter if you are using flat roof, rile, and modified bitumen, the choice is yours and you can definitely make some amazing roofs with what there is to work with on the market today.

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