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Have a Project And Need Financing? 

At 604 Roofing & Construction, we believe options and flexibility are important to any building project. That’s why we offer the option to finance all our residential projects. A roofing & construction project sometimes needs a bit of flexibility in payment options. That’s okay. We totally understand the need to get a project financed at a reasonable and competitive rate with good payment terms for up to 10 years. Our flexible financing options will provide you with an unsecured loan. It’s a quick and easy process allowing you to pay back the loan at any time without penalty. A general example of this is: a loan that cost around $10,000, will cost approximately $100/month. That’s roughly the same as a cable/internet bill. In rare cases do interests exceed 2% over prime lending rates.

This takes the stress off on unforeseen expenses; giving you the peace of mind knowing that an important project meets all the criteria to move forward. 

Contact us for financing for your next project. 


‘We place a high value on maintaining on-going relationships with our clients.

We continue to receive referrals for building projects starting with one and leading to another.

That’s why we can confidently say:

We’ve Got You Covered!

Richard & Sidseo Downes

“604 Roofing & Construction did work for us back in 2009…We are very happy with their work…..We are glad that we went with them, as they did a good job. My wife and I would go with them again….! If you are trying to decide on what company to go with, you won’t go wrong with 604 Roofing & Construction. We believe that we got the best value for our investment.”

Richard & Sidseo DownesRetired


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Vancouver bc Roofing Company, Roofer, Roof companies,